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I’d bet you know someone who has a nightmare wedding story… maybe two?
Let’s get to the bottom of all that notorious “wedding chaos” that makes wedding planning such a head ache…
Here is the situation and you let me know if it sounds familiar…

You, the bride have been scouring Pinterest for months, visualizing the perfect wedding day with all of the details in the perfect place.

An entire room of your house is dedicated to storing wedding supplies, boxes of mason jars and all of the unique details you have personalized on Etsy.

You know where you want every little thing positioned on your big day down to the angle it is facing, because it looked good that way on Pinterest….

However, you’re stressed out about set up because you’ll be getting your hair and makeup done, YOU can’t do it..there isn’t enough time in the day for you to be everywhere and setting up your whole wedding by yourself…

You’re terrified now, beyond stressed. Nobody can look into your head and see your perfect vision nor are they willing to memorize your Pinterest Board as you have over the past year…

At some point… The day before your wedding perhaps, all of those precious wedding decorations and rustic wood rounds will be removed from your home, divided into several vehicles and waywardly delivered to your venue where they are all dropped into a burlap tangled heap.You’re getting your make-up done. You might even have your dress on before people start knocking on your door asking where each little votive candle goes…

THIS, my friend, THIS right here is where those stories come from…

You have a group of people (friends who have lovingly volunteered) planning to set up your wedding for you. “No problem!” they say. After all, they’re really crafty and you trust them.They approach your dumped heap of wedding glory and don’t even know where to start… Mason jars look great in the trees… {meant for the centerpieces} Let’s put some burlap on the cake table!…{Your $35 personalized lace trimmed runner is now covered in frosting} I have no idea what this is… so let’s leave it in the box and hope she doesn’t notice… {your laser cut Etsy cake topper}

Pretty soon people start knocking on your door asking you which color ribbon to use for hanging the mason jars…. all the while you’re thinking “There are no hanging mason jars!”

The panic sets in… wedding day catastrophe…. you send out your mom as reinforcement. She is never seen again, and misses all the pictures. You’re now an hour behind schedule because your Maid of Honor still hasn’t found your mom.

You walk into your reception and it looks NOTHING like your Pinterest Board you spent a year building…. WEDDING. DAY. NIGHTMARE.

Am I close to how you’re feeling? 
Fret no longer… we have the System that will change everything and probably the way you plan events the rest of your life… even my husband now breaks down our home improvements into Project Blocks and we achieve them all very fast and in budget!
Allow me to introduce…

The Project Block System

Project Blocks {a GEG term} are all those things in your wedding that need to “happen” like you want or need them to. Every wedding has Project Blocks, you just may not call them that…. since it is a GEG term. Every wedding has an aisle {Project 4} a cake table {Project 13} and even a rehearsal {Project 34}. These are things and areas of your wedding that all need time and attention to detail… they need creativity, attention, ingredient collections that seamlessly pull everything together… they need style.
You likely have a Pinterest board with a lot of STYLE ideas floating around.
The System we have set up here at GEG makes our clients’ ideas, pins, magazine page tear-outs and visions tangible on their wedding day.
We group “pictures” into Project Blocks and then create a recipe for building that picture right down to who is buying the white paint and who is breaking it down after the wedding.
Green-Eyed Girl often crafts Project Blocks, creates or collects ingredients for you and then sets them up, styles them for you and even takes them down after the wedding. We use these awesome worksheets as our guide while our bride is sipping champagne, care-free in her dressing room {pssst….Project 0}…
Sounds amazing right?
You can totally hire us to work with you on your big day! We’d be honored. Check out our service plans here…{BAM!}But if hiring a coordinator isn’t in your plans {or budget} we completely understand and still want to help!

Good news!
You can now utilize the Project Block System to style and set up your wedding anywhere in the WORLD. You don’t even have to be a GEG couple!

The Project Block Workbook

The Project Block Workbook is essentially the textbook for our Training ECourse. The two go together like bread and butter.
We have broken it all down into 30 areas of a wedding and built an individual worksheet for each one. You can focus on the details, pack them up individually and prepare each specific area to be styled {before your wedding} on your wedding day.

Better yet, we’ve built in hyperlinks that you can access before you print your worksheets to our blog! Projects often include assignments like writing your Ceremony Script {Project 4} writing your toasts and planning speeches {Project 15} and so on. We guide you through every single step, assignment and set up. See the Full Project Block list HERE.

…and check out some of our brides doing it right… {because #gegbridesrock}


You can simply DOWNLOAD our Project Block Workbook {Huh?! No kidding?!} and build them all yourself with no strings attached! {Seriously!}

We will teach you to…

   Breakdown ingredients needed to fulfill the whole Project.
We’ll even teach you how to sort them, label them, prepare them for Big Day transportation {avoid the HEAP in the story above} and then how to clean them all up quickly.
We may even save you some money collecting your ingredients!
Identify the Prior to Wedding tasks needing completion like crafting, writing, building, etc and then delegate some of those responsibilities {Did we mention we craft and ingredient hunt weekly? Handmade weddings are sort of our thing… check out the Etsy Store}
Detail Setup Tasks and exactly what needs to be done on the wedding day and WHO is doing it. {it COULD be us! *wink* *wink*}
Determine the rentals needed for staging and where they are coming from. 
Delegate Big Day Setup: You will check off when this specific Project Block is packed and ready and when it is loaded in a transportation vehicle.
Hand over your Wedding! You then simply {and confidently} hand over the worksheet, complete with your visual image to whoever is setting it up. He/she checks off when it is perfect. When the wedding is over, use the same worksheet to check off when the Project is broken down and sorted. {most often this is us}

Delegate Projects to your Setup crew like a deck of articulate cards, or have one Lead Person {a Big Day Facilitator/Wedding Coordinator} be in charge of all worksheets and communicate to the Setup crew from one comprehensive Workbook.


Either way, you can hand over your wedding visions with a deep sigh of relief knowing that you have communicated an efficient and beautiful wedding day vision!

 Ready to Enroll? 

I hope we inspired you to get organized! We’re here to help! Feel free to pop in any time for free planning blog posts, inspirations, and how-to tutorials!
Happy Wedding Planning!
–        The Green-Eyed Girl


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