Wedding Welcome Packets | Everything You Need to Know

A wedding welcome packet is a thoughtful and practical way to greet your out-of-town guests and provide them with helpful information about the wedding. In this packet, you can include items such as a welcome letter, itinerary, map, and local recommendations for food and activities. Wedding Welcome Packets The welcome letter should be personalized and…

How to Have a Wedding Site Visit

Wedding Site Visits are crucial to overall Wedding Planning success. Often, as a Wedding Planner I find myself taking 2 or 3 Site Visits to one venue just to make sure everything will run smoothly on the big day. If you’re Planning a Wedding, schedule a trip out to your Wedding Venue and take a walk around with a few specific questions in mind.

Best Tools for Planning your Wedding

Plan your Wedding like a Pro! I’ve collected all of my best Wedding Planning Resources and Wedding Planner Tips for you in one place. If you’re planning a Wedding on your own and on a budget, these tools will make your life so much easier and efficient. Wedding Planning with The Project Block System just got easier and more efficient.