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This adventure called “Wedding Planning” that you’re about to embark on is going to be fantastic. Exhausting. But mostly, fantastic. It’s work. It’s as if you were just hired into a new life position that you’ll have to micromanage around everything else. Fortunately though, like all new jobs you get in your life, this one has a much more adorable Uniform. Believe me when I tell you that Wedding Planning, behind the pretty {as we call it in The Project Block System Ecourse} is not actually all that pretty. {#iwokeuplikethis} Who actually uses that anyway? But your Wedding Planning Uniform can be!

A majority of your Back Office Wedding Planning will happen either in the late hours of the evening when you return home from work at the end of a long day. You’ll be worn out but you’ll have a wedding to plan, so into your jammies you go, right before you grab your laptop. You may also be planning your wedding in the early morning hours #coffeecoffeecofeee or lounging around on a Saturday with all of your worksheets spread across the kitchen table. No worries, we’ve got you covered there too!

Getting into your Wedding Planning Uniform

First things first you’re going to need an awesome bag to carry your GEG Wedding Planning Binder in. Fortunately, we happen to have one available for you in our very own Etsy Shop! Take a look at our “This is my Wedding Planning Bag” two-tone tote bag.

Did I mention coffee? Yes, yes did… You’ll be drinking a lot of it over the next few months, therefore we want you to have the proper mug for the job. Our friends at Everglow West on Etsy have quite the variety of Wedding Planning Mugs you’ll love! Shop all Mugs now! 

Now that you’re prepared for all manners of the day, let’s get you into some cute clothes!

Wedding Planning Uniform | Clothing

If you’re currently taking our ECourses you’ve seen me in these adorable tops already. I wear them during my videos because I want you to know that I’m not just tossing you a link to go buy a shirt. I actually own all of these and I want you to see them in action. It is so much better to see that Wedding Planning uniform on a real person than on some Amazon link. Although I did have to sacrifice so much to go ahead and buy new cute clothes to show you… trust me when I say these items are the real deal and I seriously want you to look good while planning your wedding.

Shop ALL my favorite Etsy Wedding Mugs HERE first… #becausecoffee

Wedding Planning Uniform with Green-Eyed Girl Productions

Chaos Coordinator Shirt- A must have really

This one is seen in the I’m Engaged Ecourse & Affiliate Contributions Video.

Team Bride Head Band & Floral Kimono

Seen in the Promo Video for The I’m Engaged ECourse.

Floral Cardigan

See in Promo Videos on Facebook

MRS T-shirt and Future Mrs. Gold Headband

Seen in the Day 1 Video of The I’m Engaged ECourse and throughout The Project Block System ECourse. Super comfy and stretchy for those late-night planning sessions when you fall asleep at your computer.

Floral Long Sleeve Top & Long Sleeve with Pockets!

Seen in Day 3 of the I’m Engaged ECourse and throughout The Project Block System.

Wifey Sweatshirt

You are already a trophy, you just need the script font so everyone else knows it… Plus this off-shoulder cut lends itself perfects to pillow talk 😉 See in the I’m Engaged ECourse Day 3 and throughout The Project Block System.

Raglan Baseball T-shirt

Seen in the I’m Engaged ECourse.

Floral Lounge Pants

Don’t even get me started on how much I love this new Floral Print trend! If this had been around during my wedding planning, I’m sure the whole thing would have been floral! But alas, I will have to settle for the world’s most adorable and comfortable lounge pants. These beauties are perfect for those early morning breakfast nook wedding planning sessions!

Buttery Soft Leggings

I know that’s a weird adjective, right? But the best way to describe them is in fact buttery. I am slightly embarrassed to admit how many pairs of these I own, but just know that is a true testament to how much I love them! All Wedding Planning Uniforms require leggings for couch planning. #justsaying

Shop All Bride to Be Clothing on Etsy


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