Let's talk about hiring your Wedding Vendors. These professionals will spend your entire entire day with you, so let's make them your Dream Team! I'm outlining How to Hire your Wedding Vendors and schedule Interviews. Learn about Interviews and What Questions to ask Wedding Professionals? Use the GEG Workbook to get the proper questions answered: 
Wedding Venue, Photographer, Caterer, Florist, Bridal Salon, DJ, Videographer and more.

It is that time of year to start thinking about hiring your special wedding vendors! You know, those people whom you will spend your entire big day with… so you’ll want them to be perfect for you.

Where do you even start?

Choosing the correct vendors for your big day is hard. Really hard. There are so many wonderfully talented professionals out there to choose from… there are also those out there trying to pass themselves off as professional… and that can be scary. Yikes! How does a newly engaged couple dive into such an undertaking that is the Vendor Interview and Selection Process?

The first things you should do are:

  • Get referrals from friends
  • Do some research & read reviews
  • Attend a Wedding Showcase

How to Contact Vendors

When it comes to making contact with your top choices, you’re going to make some phone calls and send some emails. Hooray! You’re going to “pitch” your wedding to potential vendors and convince them why they want to work at your wedding. Wait, what? That’s a new twist I’ve never heard before… Don’t ALL vendors want to work every wedding they can get their hands on?!

Nope. We don’t. And the truth is, the best vendors, the ones YOU really want, can pick and choose the weddings they want to work on. In fact, we decline more weddings than we take. It’s true, and here’s why: We’re people.

Vendors are people with families running a small business that we love. I know you know this… I tell you again because us leaving our homes to help make your special day perfect is in fact a choice that you want us to be happy, we made. There are more ways to do that than not… but the few ways to convince us not to work your wedding are big and they often come right out in this initial email… such as asking for discounts, requesting freebies or unpaid consultations. So try to avoid that in your communications.

Interviewing Wedding Vendors

As a vendor myself, I find it very difficult to accurately communicate my “self ” through the internet to you couples who are up in the late hours of the night/morning surfing the web to look for your wedding vendors. I think that it is really helpful to get the chance to meet people face to face, have a candid chat with them and see if you even “like” the person before they will be surrounding you on your wedding day.

The connection is an underrated concept with wedding professionals that is really quite important. Especially with vendors like your photographer who will be right there all day as you are trying to be romantic, and in love, which could be totally awkward if you don’t have a great connection. The same things can be said for your videographer and wedding coordinator.

What do you even ask in an interview?

Want to know what to ask your vendors before you hire them? GEG has compiled a great workbook for you to take with you when you go to your vendor interviews. We’ve even taken the time to coach you through preparing and conducting an interview with Wedding Professionals.

One of the biggest pieces will be reviewing their Wedding Contracts. That can be overwhelming in itself. Here is a bonus read for Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Contracts.

READ: Wedding Contracts | Everything You Need to Know

How to Hire your Wedding Vendors and schedule Interviews. What Questions should I ask Wedding Professionals? Use the GEG Workbook to ask all of your vendors and learn how to interview!

When it comes to Hiring your Wedding Vendor Dream Team the interview and contracts will be most important. Prepare for your interviews and know what to expect from Wedding contracts before you head into your meetings. For guidance on that, we have more info for you…

READ | Hiring your Dream Team | Interview Workbook

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