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How to Coordinate your Wedding Lighting and Candles. Wedding Candles. How to Plan a wedding with Candles. Wedding Lighting DIY Wedding Candles. How to organize wedding candles. This Wedding Planning Project Block is going to cover an umbrella system for all those beautiful little flickers you have glowing around your wedding day…. Candles! Yes, they have their own system! I’m sure that you have some decorative lighting happening throughout your wedding, but we’re going to dive into the specific needs and possibly eliminate some unnecessary expenses. We’re also going to take a peek into your venue contract and make sure you’re keeping up with any policies you might have overlooked!

{Wedding Planner Confession Ahead} Would you like to know how to annoy your Wedding Planner? Or, more importantly, whoever is setting up your wedding? I will tell you the fastest way… In your Wedding Day Headquarters, leave a large pile of ingredients that have never been accounted for on any Project Block Worksheet and therefore never received any budgeted set up time. These items should be large quantities of same, small things most often: mason jars, paper lanterns, tulle and all other types of things that are just purely decorative and you just want “around” your wedding.
I’ve actually smartened up a bit over the years and gave these babies their very own Project Block… {enter PB 23- Decorative Extras} which we’ll get to eventually. But a BIG, time-consuming ingredient that is ALWAYS left off of our set up schedule because they are never discussed openly and accounted for individually are CANDLES….

Candle Count

Take a mental walk through each of your Project Blocks. Be on the lookout for candles…
Did you include the candle count in your Project Block Worksheets? Seems obvious right? It isn’t. So don’t worry if you didn’t, you’re definitely not alone! Since candle usage takes a lot of set-up time, there is actually an entire system connected to successful candle planning believe it or not!
Here is the 3-Step System for successfully having candles at your wedding:

1-  Venue Policies

Check your VENUE CONTRACT for a “No-Flame” policy. Many rustic barns and historical landmark venues have a very strict policy against any open flame candles, and rightfully so. If you’re planning to have a beautiful flicker ambiance into the evening you may need to reconsider. Fortunately, there are many new options out there for you in the flameless candle industry. They now offer everything from battery operated tea lights to taper candles!

Why would you want battery taper candles you ask? Chandeliers! You may think a battery taper candlelit dinner is silly, and you’d be right. However, a trend in the wedding style world is to suspend those gorgeous chandeliers in rustic barns…. These DO look silly without candles in them! Problem solved with the battery taper!

I have found a bulk set of nice cool-white glowing battery tea lights on Amazon for a great deal!

If your venue allows a few lit flames in a specific area and NOT others, or perhaps even fines you for misplacing candles, you’ll want to clue your Set Up Crew in on that!



Now that we’ve established which style of candle you need, either lit or battery in accordance with your venue contract the next step is to DISTRIBUTE them across your wedding plan. Where do candles exist throughout your styling? Does Project Block 1 have candles? Does it really need them?
Ah-Ha! This brings up a great point… TIME!
At what time of day will people be walking through your Project Blocks? If it is during the afternoon, you don’t need candles there. If you’ve planned for them, save the expense, people won’t see the effect of the candle.
There are TWO Strategy
for Candle Distribution among your Project Blocks:

List Strategy

If you do have a lot of votive candles floating around your wedding, such as centerpieces as well as throughout each Project you may list how many go to each area.
In a simple word document, write up how many candles go with each Project. This is especially acceptable if they are all the same and can be placed anywhere within the Project. However, the more details the better! This is also a great idea if you are RENTING {yes you can do that!} all of your glass votive cups. That way you only have to buy the tea lights in the little metal cups…
How to have candles at your Wedding: Systems for Counting, Distributing and Clean Up from Green-Eyed Girl ProductionsHow to have candles at your Wedding: Systems for Counting, Distributing and Clean Up from Green-Eyed Girl Productions

Sorting Strategy

If you do not have very many candles on your centerpieces but are perhaps getting a little more ornate or even specific with candle colors I do advise you to sort out the proper candles that accompany the specific Project Block and pack them up together. Yes, do this before the wedding so that you know the ivory candles will be on the peach linens and the peach candles will be on the ivory linens. If you have a plan, articulate it and do as many preparation steps prior to the wedding as possible! If it doesn not matter, do not do this, it won’t be worth the time. This is only in teh event that it could be screwed up by your setup crew. 😉
How to have candles at your Wedding: Systems for Counting, Distributing and Clean Up from Green-Eyed Girl ProductionsHow to have candles at your Wedding: Systems for Counting, Distributing and Clean Up from Green-Eyed Girl Productions

3-Set Up Liaison

I know you have probably diligently listed how many candles exist per Project in the Ingredients section of each individual Project Block Worksheet. However, please pull out all those details and make one simple list so that we can assign ONE Set Up person to be in charge of all the candles.
They really do take up a lot of time, but also, we want to manage a swift breakdown process for your wedding too! Keeping this big sub-project of lighting contained to a single person makes things a whole lot easier.How to have candles at your Wedding: Systems for Counting, Distributing and Clean Up from Green-Eyed Girl Productions
That same person can then light them all, keep their boxes in the same place and also be in charge of removing spent metal tea lights and packaging the votives back up after the wedding. Much more simple! This person can be a helpful friend or even a GEG Assistant {especially if they’re our votives you rented!}
Tell this person where to find your Distribution List, where to find the lighters and when to light them all. Then instruct them that they are the only one who goes around and collects votives back into boxes.


Where to buy candles online

Floating Candles – The standard floating candle size is 3″ round disks. I have bought these candles several times for brides. They are a 72 pack for only $64.99 and free shipping for Prime Members. This is the best deal too for less than $1 each!
Not a Prime Member yet? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial the month before your wedding and start ordering!
Tea Lights with metal cups– Most of the tea lights that you see in stores like Costco for super cheap only have a 3-hour burn time. That may be just fine for you, so do that! But if you’re going to have a reception in teh dark for more than 3 hours you’re going to want tea lights with a 6-7 hour burn time which are only available online. These 200 packs for only $24.99 are the best!

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