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How to Coordinate Wedding Signs. How to plan Wedding Signage. How to write Wedding Chalkboards. Wedding Sign Writing. Wedding Planning advice. How to DIY Wedding Signs.You likely have a lot of signage throughout your wedding that is attached to specific  Project Blocks. Hopefully, all of those signs are accounted for… but maybe not. Project Block 19 is its own Project entirely as it might exist everywhere and anywhere on your wedding site. Here is where you dedicate attention to everything about your wedding that contains “Displayed Rules” as its main purpose for existence.

These signs are not necessarily cute or pretty, not even Pinterest Worthy. They don’t necessarily add to the style of a Project but give directions, communicate venue rules and even specific safety precautions.

How to Coordinate Wedding Signs

Go through each Project Block in your Workbook and think it through from the guests’ perspective. Does it need to be explained?
{Warning} Now I’m going to get a little candid here and maybe even a little tacky… I know, it’s not my style, but you need to be warned….
You, who have been planning this wedding for some time, now know how things are going to work. You know that a guest should go from point A to point B and it is assumed that they will consider this obvious. I bet your A+ guests will! We know who those guests are….
However, we also know that there are some C+ guests floating around that day that probably didn’t go to the wedding website, might not know wedding etiquette or have not memorized a standard wedding timeline. They’re still learning.
{We all love that guest who didn’t RSVP and yet shows up with her 2 teenagers who also brought dates) and we’re searching for a table spot for 5 unexpected people…}
We, however, want them to be very successful at your wedding and {not interfere with other guests} enjoy themselves just as much as everyone else.

Help your guests succeed

Picture your wedding day as a maze for each guest to navigate. Where do I enter? Where do I store my coat? Do I grab this now? Am I supposed to throw something now? Can I drink this bottled water yet? Is popcorn for now or later? Are the cupcakes to eat with dinner or for the cake cutting?
Your guests will know nothing about your wedding and how it is supposed to flow. Plus, they’ve probably attended another wedding that was different. My favorite {wedding coordinator confession} guest is the one who comes up and tells me, “Well it was okay at another wedding I went to.” {because, obviously, all weddings have the same rules…}
In case your wedding is not exactly the same as every other wedding your guest has ever attended… we work on SIGNAGE!

My Wedding Signage Story

Here is my classic story that I will tell everyone I ever coordinate for…. A mishap that could have EASILY been prevented with one tiny sign….
My wedding was big… 350 people. We ordered exactly 350 cupcakes and displayed them on a table before the dinner was served so that the photographer could get the pretty pictures…
As people were coming through the buffet line I saw that there were cupcakes on their plates, NOW! Not only were they not waiting for us to cut the cake and “OPEN” the dessert bar {like every other wedding in history} but they were taking MULTIPLE cupcakes! I saw 5 on one person’s plate! If I could go back in time and make a sign that simply said, “One per person” my own grandmother would have received a cupcake…
I am sure there is a mishap hiding somewhere in your wedding plan… it may be cupcakes, favors, or where to sit.

Here is your Assignment:

The challenge now is to think of your 3 to 5-word instructional signs that guide guests in the proper direction and perhaps prevent a problem.
Mentally walk through your wedding…. What does each Project Block ask guests to do?
Traditionally, guests know to sit on the proper side of the aisle for which they are most acquainted or related. Is that what you want for your wedding? If not you might make a sign. You’ve seen the clever ones.
In fact, I bet your Project Blocks are full of the cute, clever, Pinterest inspired wood signs. But, do those actually offer information crucial to guest success, or are they just cute?


The signage I am more concerned about is the small chalkboard or word processed printed and frames, 5” x 7” {maybe} sized footnote signs.
  • “One per person”
  • “Please silence your cell phone”
  • “Keep off the grass”
  • “Smoking Prohibited at all times”
  • “Wine is a Cash Bar”
  • “Extinguish your sparkler before discarding”
  • “Keep your glass all night”
  • “Bridal Party Only”
  • “This is a Facebook Free Wedding”


Epic Images Photography

These are all things that seem painfully obvious to you so you will assume that guests will automatically know the venue rules too… they won’t. The also will assume that it is okay to plaster your wedding all over social media without your permission and before you can even share your hard planning work because Hey? That is the societal norm, right?

You might also really consider an Unplugged Wedding, which is a popular trend right now.

See what Azazie has to say about Going Unplugged or Going All In | What’s Right for your Wedding.

They also won’t really fully comprehend the money you’re paying to make this wedding beautiful. I know what you’re thinking… and no you cannot make these signs…. Though some of you might wish you could…
  • “No cigarettes put out in my rented napkins” {deposit gone}
  • “Wine bottles are not for groomsmen” {reception toast supply gone before the ceremony starts}
  • “No Smoking in the hay field in August” {seems painfully obvious right? It has totally happened}
  • “No speakerphone conversations on your cell phone during the ceremony” {totally happened too}
  • “Don’t throw cupcakes at each other! Or bread rolls!” {Also happened before… but I was a guest at this wedding}
  • “You may not have thirds through the buffet”
  • “Please do not pile your plate as high as physically possible”
  • “You do not get 2 plates through the buffet line”
  • “Please don’t make-out in the middle of our dance floor”
  • “Do not toss rose petals into the bride’s cleavage as she
    walks up the aisle. Those are for the processional” {This guest was a pain ALL day}

…these are all signs you CANNOT make.

Remember to keep it simple and positive. Try to avoid using the word “no” at all times. Remember they are your guests… You love them.

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