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How to Coordiante Wedding Decorative Extras. Wedding Decorations. How to Set up Paper Lanterns. How to Decorate a wedding. Wedding Planning Advice. Wedding Planning How toDecorations are obviously a big factor in the wedding planning process. From styling little areas to adding color overhead, there is a lot of space to fill for your wedding vision’s “Big Picture.” When you stand back and take a wide-angle look at your wedding reception you might think something is missing, or perhaps even needs to be filled in. Decoration such as Paper Lanterns, drapery, and even tulle play a major role in this big picture view of your reception. Perhaps they are used to fill in a ceiling, add color overhead or provide those last finishing touches that make a venue for a romantic space. Do you get the idea?
Ceilings, tree canopies and even rafters don’t have their own Project Block. There isn’t a specific Project for filling in the visual gaps that will fill out the wide picture of your reception. But, my guess is that you have those ingredients floating around that need a home!
There might be a banister that needs to be wrapped in tulle, a staircase that needs something extra for pictures and a window that needs some filler. You might want a fabric runner across the ceiling or even garlands framing an entryway.
Enter Project Block 23 {Decorative Extras} that fill out your wedding vision. These extras are decorations that essentially just take up and fill up space to provide visual beauty in an already great space. These extras aren’t already connected to an existing Project Block because they are either above everything {hanging from the ceiling} attached to the venue {curtains, drapery} to create a softer atmosphere or displayed “everywhere and anywhere” like additional mason jars, paper lanterns, and banners.
All items that are attached to the building, or suspended in rafters and ceilings are Project Block 23’s If you are planning to have Project Block 23’s they do require a bit of attention and deserve their own Project Block. Even if your game plan is to just hang them “anywhere and everywhere” that still takes time and often tools.
Project Block 23 Decorative Extras. Planning to Decorate your wedding ceilings, wall and rafters with paper lanterns, drapery and more! Green-Eyed Girl Productions: The Project Block System
For most Project 23’s you need a ladder, string, hammer & nails or command hooks or even larger structures like curtain rods and other hardware. You also need your set up crew to budget time into the schedule for these larger structured.
Are you planning any decoration for your wedding day and you just didn’t realize it? Have you bought anything that you have described as, “We’ll just put those wherever.” These items are 23’s!

Let’s Get Organized

Step 1: Gather all of your P23 materials {the items that you have and just can’t find a home for in any other Project Block} and group them all together. On your Work Book Worksheet affix all of your pictures. If you have more than one Project Block 23,
create multiple, separate worksheets and designate them as P23A, B, C, etc.
Project Block 23 Decorative Extras. Planning to Decorate your wedding ceilings, wall and rafters with paper lanterns, drapery and more! Green-Eyed Girl Productions: The Project Block System

Step 2: Create a P23 Staging Kit that includes all of the tools and potential utility supplies. You’ll be surprised at how much you use this stuff throughout ALL of your Projects and you’ll be glad you had it! You can actually get quite a few of these things at the Dollar Tree! However, try not to actually buy anything, but rather collect items you already have and hit up your fiancé’s garage like an Easter Egg Hunt. I bet he has a rubber mallet he won’t be using for the next few weeks!

GEG Brides: If we are coming and setting up your Project Blocks we REALLY need to know what you’re planning for Project Block 23! When we build our set up schedule these pieces are often started first and still finished last because they take more time than you think. It takes a lot of time to go up and down a ladder!
GEG does bring a Staging Kit for our own emergency use, but it is not accessible to other helpers setting up your wedding day. We still advise that you pack your own Staging Kit for Project 23! Here is what we bring, but only we can use it for liability reasons: What we bring with us on the Big Day. Pack up all of your Ingredients separately at home, but you can combine the Staging Kit together.


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