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How to Coordinate a Grand Exit for your Wedding. Wedding Sparkler Exit. How to Plan a Sparkler Exit. How to Plan a Grand Exit. Couple's Exit.At some point in the night, unfortunately, you will have to exit the reception and go to bed. I know, it’s depressing… All of this hard work and planning goes away with one sunset. However, why not go out with a grand finale? Not only are you celebrating the end of a phenomenal day, but also the closing of a major phase in your life, engagement. It is finally over. You are finally married! How do you want to exit your biggest day ever?

You have options {of course}

    1. An epic “Let Love Sparkle” tunnel is flashy with great photo opportunities as you climb into your limousine.
    1. “Signature See You Later” wave from a vintage, convertible car trailed with Just Married cans and adornments.
    1. “Subtle Sneak” where you quietly and privately disappear from the reception without anyone noticing.
  1. “Closers” are the couple who are actually the LAST people on the dance floor at their own wedding.
No matter your decision for leaving your wedding, there are some ingredients and questions to check off your list for planning this Project.

Let talk Project Ingredients…

If you choose to have a grand exit where you run through a tunnel of guests into a getaway vehicle {we’ll get to that later} you’re going to need the holders, and the disposal system.


These promise for gorgeous late night pictures and romantic, posed portraits!
  • Make a sign letting people know what time you’ll be forming the Send Off tunnel so they don’t leave just minutes before. For the full affect you’ll want more people there. Chances are people will start to leave when they get the vibe that you’re about to leave too and they’ll want to beat any “rush” of other guests. Ensure they know it’s worth it if they hang on another 10 minutes!
  • When lighting, have 4-6 designated lighter holders who light a bunch of people at once down your tunnel, at the beginning, middle and end. DO NOT USE the clicky lighters! Light candles down in a hurricane vases and carry them around or set them in a line on the ground so people can “dip” their sparklers into it. Clickers won’t work in the wind!
    If you start lighting sparklers at one end of the tunnel, the first ones will be spent before you light the last ones and you’ll never even get to go through it!
  • Check with your venue! If it is late summer and you’re anywhere near a barn or field, I’ll bet sparklers are a no-go. Even if you’re on gravel, make sure no kids run off with them! Before you even begin, announce to the crowd that they must be put out in the designated bucket of water. I once worked a venue where they said we’d be fined $1 per sparkler found on the campus the next morning! Pick them up!
  • Buy SMOKELESS sparklers! Do NOT buy the tiny ones on sale after July 4th! If your prime goal is the gorgeous picture at the end of the night then you want to get the right ones. The cheap, July 4th ones are too smoky and they don’t last long enough. Find 20” Smokeless, 2-Minute Sparklers HERE with free shipping!

Other Ingredients:

  1. Informative sign
  2. Display Bucket & Table
  3. Lighters for candles
  4. Hurricane Vases & Candles
  5. Extinguisher Bucket with water
  6. Refuse Pail for tags and matchbooks {if favors}

Confetti Canons

These are a great way to make your exit during the daylight. They also make for very colorful pictures!
  • When you get everyone lined up in the tunnel, have your maid of honor {or someone loud} call everyone’s attention for a demonstration. Have her launch ONE into the air so that everyone can see how they work and how high you have to aim them. Some people will be so anxious that they will actually shoot it at the ground, terrified it will explode in their hand. These babies are a one-and-done thing, so you can’t screw them up!
  • Make sure you buy BIODEGRADABLE confetti please! It will literally be everywhere and catch in the wind. Speaking of wind, choose your location for the tunnel carefully! Open fields are not ideal as it will go straight into the air and blow away, no tunnel, ever. BE behind a church building, barn, or on one side of a big, wind blocking hedge.

Other Ingredients:

  1. Informative Sign
  2. Display & Table
  3. Canon discarding pail
  4. Push Broom {even though it’s biodegradable, if it won’t rain for a long time, do sweep most of it up to help your venue out and even ensure not losing part of your cleaning deposit.}

Getaway Car

  • When reserving your car, make sure you know how to drive it. Many older, vintage cars are a stick shift, so killing the engine as you leave might not be a fun story to tell. Also, be sure to have the KEYS before you do the getaway tunnel, actually, START the car and leave it running at the end of your tunnel so there is no hold up when you get in for an awkward goodbye!
  • Pack the car BEFORE you run down the tunnel. Speaking of awkward, after you do this grand exit to get into the car you certainly don’t want to be running back into the reception to grab your purse, camera etc.
  • Make yourself a Project 24B List to reference before you get ready to do the tunnel. Designate a P24 Liaison {Maid of Honor} who will retrieve all of your belongings from the Dressing Room, pack them into the car before your leave. Perhaps another groomsman, other than the Best Man can be in charge of pulling the car around. {Psst, traditionally, your wedding party sneaks off at sunset to decorate your getaway car for you!}
  • Ask the caterers to pack you some To-Go portions of the dinner leftovers and leave them in your getaway car for you! {Some caterers do this, but not many. GEG will do this for you if the caterer doesn’t already!} Don’t forget to include some cupcakes! You’ll be hungry when you get to the hotel and probably had dinner nearly 4 hours ago.
  • When you leave for the hotel, have your P24 Liaison call your hotel and warn them you two are on your way. If you already checked in and have your room keys, awesome, probably no need to call. But if this is your first time today going to THIS hotel {because it had the fancy Honeymoon Suite} your P24 Liaison can have them get the keys ready at the front desk for a quick run in. There’s nothing more awkward than an exhausted bride standing in the lobby waiting for her room!

Ingredient List

  1. Vehicle– Reserve the car and perhaps a designated driver if the groom will be drinking. Get the rules too! Some cars you CANNOT write on or tie cans to!
  2. Adornments– If you want your wedding party to decorate it get some tin cans {watch for jumping can paint chips on the car’s bumper! Tie them at least 5’ away!} string and window paint pens.
  3. P24 Liaison– Person to pack your car, demo the send off and call the hotel
  4. Keys and a full tank of gas!

Preferred Exit Vendors- Eugene, OR

Sunshine Limo Services

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