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How to Coordinate Wedding Day Restrooms. How to Plan for Wedding Bathrooms. Portable Wedding Toilets. Wedding Rentals. Portable Wedding Restrooms. What to know about renting bathrooms. Wedding PlanningWedding Day Restrooms are certainly not an overlooked necessity {you know you need them} but they can often be an underestimated Project. Several factors need to be addressed when researching restroom options and overall guest comfort where ever you ask them to attend your festivities. If you are getting married in a public venue or even a winery this Project Block will be a breeze for you. However, if you’re out in a rustic barn, field or even a quaint residence you’ll need to pay attention.
When discussing this Project we’ll cover the biggest concern which is LOCATION
We will then build your worksheet.

Location, Location, Location

For this Project, I am going to assume your venue is in a rugged location and you have to order portable toilets. With this being the case, location becomes a big topic for discussion. When you take your venue tour and get to the location for Project Block 26 think about these details:


We want guests to know where it is {with a pretty directional sign perhaps} yet not have it in the middle of the reception. Look for out buildings you can tuck it behind or even large trees.

Accessibility {Part 1}

Speaking of not in the middle of the reception, I once pulled up to a wedding and the portable toilets had literally been dropped off in the middle of the driveway… Here is how we prevent that… The truck that delivered the one portable unit was too big to fit through the gate to the field said toilet was supposed to go. The delivery man came by himself, scooted the unit from his flatbed trailer onto their mechanical drop gate, which lowered it to the ground and then he scooted it onto the ground. He had NO intention of then dragging it anywhere out of the way. He doesn’t get paid for that. Remember that about a 2’ scoot off his trailer gate is all you’re going to get, and perhaps not even that if you’re dropping off in the grass that prevents scooting.
Bottom Line: Pick a location that the truck can back up to for easy drop off and pick up

Accessibility {Part 2}

Think about your guest list and who is on it. Are there any guests in wheelchairs? Now pardon my bluntness here but also consider the size of your guests… are there any large persons who might want a little more room for comfort than those narrow single stalls? Pregnant women qualify here too! I remember being pregnant and not using many store restrooms while shopping because I couldn’t turn myself around in their stalls! It’s true… not comfortable.
There may also be a line at some point in your reception so allow standing room in front of them and consider angling the doors so that people don’t walk right out in front of the reception. A curtain set up on tall Sheppard Hooks can create a privacy fence too!
Bottom Line: Reserve enough toilets, and big enough stalls to be comfortable for all your guests.

Sun, Shade & Afterhours

If you are reserving portables they will come clean, hooray! However, if you are using the same ones for rehearsal, which will then sit out in the sun all day long before your wedding the next day…. Hmmm. You might want to make considerations in the August heat…. Those gnarly little portables are like a greenhouse if you know what I mean…. Find a shady spot. Not only for the smell, but we don’t want guests to be overwhelmed with heat while their taking care of business.
Portable units rarely come with light fixtures…  If your party goes into the evening hours {which it will because it will be an awesome party} your guests will need to find their way in and out, not to mention during…. My suggestion is to set up a flood light that shines on the units and lights up the area surrounding them, and not lantern lights inside them, here’s why…
  1. Lantern lights from inside will make shadows, Peter Pan style, of your guests doing their business… which might be amusing to those in line… but not to them…
  2. At night the BUGS will be attacked to lights. The last thing you want INSIDE your portables in the hot summer is also bugs. With one big flood light, you’ll have bugs centralized and away from most people.
  3. Batteries die and people turn them off {not sure why they do, but they do} so to save the next person in line from fumbling with the lantern “on” switch when they have to go will be appreciated.
  4. The floodlight will help everyone manage their trip to the bathroom without any fancy footwork or confusion over those color-coded “occupied” turn knobs.

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