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Congratulations! You’re Engaged! Time for the best Money-Saving Wedding Tips. You may be just starting your Wedding Planning Adventure or perhaps you’re already well into it and starting to BUY all of those awesome Project Block Ingredients.

Which is exactly what this post is about… spending money. Yes, you already know you’re going to spend money while planning your wedding.

Did you know there are multiple ways you can SAVE a LOT of money when you go buying things as well as MAKE MONEY BACK after your wedding?

Wedding Tips | Money-Saving Apps

It’s true! You can save a lot of money wedding planning by downloading a few FREE apps to your smartphone, and then joining {also for FREE} a few websites that give you cashback or help you sell items {including your dress!} after your big day. Make some of that money you spent BACK by repurposing your wedding and letting someone else reuse your pre-loved items! It’s a beautiful thing!

Ebates Membership

Ebates: Sign up for Ebates HERE if you’re an online shopper. If you shop on the internet {which, you will at some point planning a wedding} You can be making easy cash back just by linking through Ebates first. Retailers like Amazon, Etsy, Wal-Mart, Toms Shoes, Michaels Craft Stores and Joann Fabrics all offer cash back through Ebates! There are many more but those are my most frequent places.

In fact, I STOPPED buying things in store, like fabric, vases and large craft supplies, because I can not only have it shipped to me for free, saving me the heavy hauling  in the parking lot, but I get CASH BACK! FREE MONEY!

Etsy offer 1% back on all purchases! You know you’re going to buy something on Etsy while planning this wedding… so you might as well get the rebates right? Think Bridesmaids Gifts! Or even Digital Planning Worksheets! Every little bit counts and your wedding budget will thank you!

Sign up for Ebates TODAY!

…and get money back on things you’re already buying…

 Ibotta Smart Phone App

Ibotta: Install this app on your phone RIGHT NOW. This is a coupon app that rewards even better than couponing… {well maybe not extreme couponing} which is easier for those of us who are not so extreme. Before you go shopping, go through the app and start adding your deals to your list. To enable deals you might have to watch a video or take a survey. You “unlock” deals and coupons by doing this to add them to your list. Most are less than 30 seconds. {Turn your media volume off at night if you’re planning to watch videos} Then I go shopping.

Bring home your receipts and SCAN it with your Ibotta app on your smartphone to claim all of your unlocked deals. Once you have redeemed $20 or more in unlocked deals you can Cash Out with Paypal or with a Gift Card to Regal Cinemas, Starbucks, or even Amazon. I once made $9.60 back in ONE trip to Wal-Mart by scanning my receipt. They accept receipts from 99 retail stores including Target, Wal-Mart, Joann Fabrics, and many Grocery Stores! You’ll be buying SOMETHING at one of these stores while planning your wedding, trust me! If anything, you’ll get some $ back on the bottled water for rehearsal!

get yourself a Date Night Gift Card to the theatre!…

Poshmark Wedding Resale

Poshmark: This clothing resale website is where you can buy and SELL pre-loved wedding supplies, linens, and dresses online. You can cash out your sales or you can spend it within Poshmark on other pre-loved items. You can buy everything used and get some great discounts! Then after your wedding, you can sell your WEDDING STUFF! Cash in on some awesome maternity clothes! {*wink wink*} Would you believe me if I told you I’ve made over $8,000 in the past 2 years selling things on Poshmark? It’s true…

Use my code COTTONKANDILIFE to save $10

Good Luck ladies! I hope these Money-Saving Wedding Tips and Apps help you right away. I cannot wait to hear your success stories and what you do with your extra change 😉 If I come across any more ideas I will be certain to share them with you!

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