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Find all you need to have a successful wedding planning experience with Green-Eyed Girl Productions. I'm outlining my must-have wedding planning Back Office Supply list from Microsoft Excel to Printer Ink and our Exclusive Wedding Planning Binder.

There are so many wonderful things that you’re going to receive throughout this GEG Team Experience including freebies, worksheets, and downloads. These, among many other things, build your Wedding Back Office Supply List. BUT there are a few things you really do need to have on your end that will make the entire Wedding Planning Experience more successful for you.

How to Succeed in the GEG Team Experience

As I mentioned in a previous post, I run the GEG Experience a lot like a College Course. It is highly academic with a lot of reading, printing and binder work. That said, the best way to succeed is to set yourself up with an efficient workspace at home. To do that, I’m sending you shopping with a Wedding Office Supply List.

Wedding Back Office Supply List

If you’ve been around the blog for a while now you’ve probably picked up that you do need a computer. Whether you’re using a laptop or a desktop you’ll need something other than your cell phone. Granted, you can do a lot, like participate in the Facebook Team Page from your phone, but you need something a bit bigger and connected to a printer to make it through the 40 Weeks. That’s definitely at the top of your Office Supply List!

If you are taking The Project Block System & Team Experience while in college you can login in from your campus computers, just make sure you logout before you attempt to log in from a home computer

-Teachable ECourse Tip

Microsoft Excel

Hopefully, you have a computer already, but you may not have Microsoft Excel. I use a TON of spreadsheets throughout the ECourses and Team Experience. You can download Microsoft Excel right now and even get it for FREE if you have a Student Email.

If you have the Office 365 ensemble you’ll be set! That includes Word and Excel. You will also need to be able to play videos and open PDF files. I am pretty sure that most computers come equipped with the software to play/view these files but if not, contact me and I’ll find out how to get you the information.

Printer Ink

You will need ink… LOTS of ink. Throughout the Team Experience and in preparation for moving into your wedding venue you’ll have to print the educational materials and worksheets. You’ll need to buy Printer Ink several times over the next 40-Weeks. So it goes on the Office Supply List a few times. I do have a money-saving vendor for you though!

My affiliates at InkFarm offer recycled ink cartridges that have been refilled with new ink. #Recycling Thanks to this process they can offer the refilled cartridges at a HUGE discount compared to buying them new.

*FULL DISCLOSURE* Your printer may not like them… I buy all my ink from Ink Farm and I buy the XL Cartridges. My Printer always tells me “Possible Counterfeit Cartridge Installed” but then I just click the “It’s Okay” button and we’re good to go from there. Ink Cartridges are sometimes written with chips that only allow printers to use them once, but despite that, I prefer to use recycled cartridges. It has not damaged my printer and I’ve been using them for YEARS.

Figure out the model of your printer and Shop for Ink

Printer Paper & Highlighters

I’m confident that you already figured out the needing paper part, seeing as I just talked up all the ink. The approximate amount of paper is often underestimated though. I highly recommend only printing pages when necessary and working primarily on your computer. You can create a file on your desktop with word documents and save the files I send you there. For example, you probably do not need to print your Excel Spreadsheet Guestlist, Timeline or Budget until the very end of your planning, if ever.

Then again, I mention in the Moving into your Venue segment that you may end up printing your Project Block Workbook Worksheets twice. For Jumpstart week you do need to print the entire Project Block Workbook once, with the planning guide. I then give all our Team Members a FREE file of the Wedding Planning Binder Printable | Eucalyptus as a fun extension. Those have color to print, but they’re so fun!

Back to the point… Paper & Highlighters. You should only need one ream of paper for the entire 40 Weeks. I truly hope you do not need more than that! Grab some on Amazon now before you forget. You will also need 3 Highlighter Pens, Green, Yellow & Pink. In the Wedding Planning Check-in Videos, I run us all through an agenda where I use the three colors to make a color-coded priority list for your next action steps. I then reference the colors repeatedly so you’ll want them to be consistent.

For your convenience, I’ve built an Office Supply List on Amazon of Wedding Planning Resources and Supplies.

Wedding Planning Binder

Finally, You’re going to need a place to store all of your hard work. A Wedding Planning Binder is the obvious choice for this. If you want to save yourself a TON of ink you can buy our exclusive, fully loaded Wedding Planning Binder right now and we’ll ship it to you in a Bride Box. Or, Any 1 to 1.5″ Binder will do the trick.

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