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Wondering what to include with your Wedding Invitations? Looking for the proper wording if  your parents are hosting? In this post I'm explaining everything to know about Proper Invitation Etiquette and more. 
Invitation Wording Templates. How to Word Invitations Checklist.

Traditionally, wedding invitations go out six to eight weeks before the wedding, so yes, we’re covering them now! This window gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements. We cover Invitations and how guests attend your wedding in Project Block 1 of The Project Block System. The enrolled Team Members can watch the video lecture on Teachable. Your window for sending invitations can be adjusted if you already sent out Save the Dates beforehand.

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Wedding Invitation Wording

This is one of the BIGGEST questions couples face while planning their wedding. Depending on who is hosting, your wording will be different. Start by writing the full names of the hosts, such as the bride’s parents or the couple, at the top. On the next line, you’ll write the inviting phrase based on the location of your wedding. Church weddings require different phrasing than country farm weddings.

Invitations 101 Slideshow

Within The Excel Guest List Mini-Series, I have an entire Slideshow that covers all the possible wording you could need. The Mini-Series on Teachable is entirely free!

Teachable Ecourse: Invitations 101 Slideshow

I found a great resource at The Spruce for even more information on all of the basic details. This post even provides a checklist per area of your invite to reference while designing them.

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What goes inside the Wedding Invitation?

Inside every formal wedding invitation there should be the main invitation and a Respond or, RSVP card. This little piece of paper is one of the most important pieces of your Wedding Planning puzzle. It will determine many factors moving forward. You want to get a strong estimate of this number, or headcount early. Give your guests four or five weeks to RSVP, that means 2-3 weeks before your wedding.

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Set an RSVP Deadline

In the Teachable Ecourse Mini-Series on Guest Lists I mention above ^^ I also cover tracking your RSVPs. In addition to adding a tracking number, the RSVP date should be printed on the cards. Have guests respond at least two weeks before your wedding so you can give your caterer a more accurate headcount. … Always include a pre-addressed envelope that they can use to send back their reply. You can also direct them specifically to the email, phone number, or URL they should use to RSVP.

Pro Tip: Use a postcard size RSVP card to save on return postage stamps.

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Wedding Websites & Invitations

The wedding world as we know it has evolved a great deal from our parents’ generation. Nowadays it is acceptable and possible for guests to RSVP online. In your formal Invitations, it is acceptable to include an insert with your Wedding Website link. You can also open an account with businesses like Green Envelope who help you go paperless. With them, you can do all of your RSVPs online.

Affiliate: Green Envelope

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Final Thoughts on Wedding Invitations

There are so many to choose from and the prices vary drastically. I strongly encourage you to choose budget-friendly invitations. Here is my candid Wedding Planner Confession: The invitations have one job, and then they’re thrown away. Choose practical designs, finishes, and materials. So long as the information is correct, all are the same. Spending $1.00 per suite or $7.00 per suite won’t make your wedding any more efficient.

Where to Buy Wedding Invitations

With that I’d like to leave you with some of my favorite, budget-friendly Wedding Invitation Resources.

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