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Everything you need to know about your Wedding Registry. Your Wedding Registry is one of the most fun Wedding Planning Checklist items. Learn how, where and when to Register for your Wedding in this post. I'm covering How to Register for Wedding Gifts, Online Wedding Registries, What to know about wedding registries before you go and some tips and tricks.

Hooray! Yes, it is officially time to start talking about this part of the wedding planning adventure, though it still may be too early to actually do it. Your Wedding Registry is often a piece of the planning couples enjoy doing. Sometimes it even makes it “official” and you finally feel the whole getting married idea coming to reality, especially if you don’t currently live together. It can be fun, overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Brides may love it and want to change their wedding registry weekly, whereas grooms may dread it and want nothing to do with it at all. Or any combination thereof.

Wedding Registry | Everything you need to know

There is actually quite a bit to tell you about the whole Registry process. Here are just a few key points that I want you to remember and focus on. I could write up my very own detailed post about all the great Registry and ‘gift’ etiquette for weddings but instead of reinventing the wheel I’m going to send you to my trusted role-models and resources to back up these statements:

What you need to know

  • Wedding Registry information never goes inside your formal invitation- it is only communicated by word of mouth, your wedding website or inside your bridal shower invitation.
  • A guest’s gift does not have to be proportioned to their meal price or your venue’s formality but instead aligned with their relationship to you.
  • Guests are in fact not required to bring a gift at all! You should still send them a handwritten thank you note just for attending. You reference your guest book for this.
  • Read about these rules and guidelines and more from Emily Post {Etiquette Expert} and Fox News Magazine.  Bonus Read: The Knot’s Top 10 Wedding Invitation Etiquette Questions.

How to start a Wedding Registry

You can start your registry accounts and should, but you don’t have to add anything to them yet. Get the code/ID/address and then go revisit the store online. Once you have your stores and your registries you’ll be able to organize a game plan. Too often I see couples standing in a store with their little laser guns and have no clue what they need or where to start. If you’re cramming this in on a Sunday night and you’re not prepared before you walk through the door… I’ll bet you come home with nothing done and a new plan to come back later when you’re more prepared. Take the time to get it together and prepare.

Step 1 | Prepare

Using our Wedding Gift Registry Worksheet, {Find it HERE } read the instructions and go on a tour through your own belongings. Decide on the items you really need and would use in your new home. You may learn by using this worksheet that you both have plenty of towels but no kitchen spoons. Check off the items you already have and do not need to replace them. Then decide which items you currently have but want to upgrade. If you bought your pots and pans at a garage sale between college terms, it might be time for an upgrade.

Step 2 | Plan

Discuss and decide on 2-3 places where you would like to register. You’ll want to choose a store that will always have your items in stock year-round. This is because your registry will be active for a few months. What you don’t want is for your wedding registry to clearance out and be gone before your guests even start shopping. This is another reason not to register too early.

Step 3 | Be Proactive

A Wedding Registry can be created online which saves you time when you’re ready to go into the store. By creating your wedding registry online,  you just check-in, pick up the scan-gun and point and shoot at the store.

Step 4 | Take Action

When you do go to these places and talk to them about registering at their kiosk. They will give you a bunch of fun stuff to read through too. Some even offer incentive programs and give you FREE stuff for registering for certain things!

When should you start your wedding registry?

Complete your registry four to six months before the wedding. This will give guests time to purchase gifts for the big day, but also for your engagement and a shower.

Can you create a wedding registry online?

You absolutely can and for free! Below in the Read Next articles, I’ve written about my top 5 Online Registries and more. Plus, did you know there are now wedding registries online that let you register for your honeymoon and even a new house?

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