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How to Coordinate Gift Tables. Wedding Planning Guide. How to Register for your Wedding. Wedding Planning How ToThis is an exciting topic! When it comes to Coordinating Gift Tables and even your Gift Registry there are many things to consider. Will you even choose to register for gifts? If not, your guests will still bring you cards and tokens of congratulations. This is unavoidable. Therefore you should take into consideration a few key details for Coordinating.

This actual Project Block isn’t that fancy all by itself. Realistically it will probably just look like a big empty table with a linen on it awaiting perfectly wrapped packages. There are a few guidelines and thoughts to consider with the physical pieces of the Block but most of the preparation and Assignments actually comes from the gifts themselves and Registering, then communicating that information to guests appropriately.

How to Coordinate Gift Tables

  1. Display Needs
  2. Discussions & Decisions
  3. Registering for Gifts

Table Display

When guests arrive it is likely that they will be carrying either a gift or a card of some sort. For these Project Block Ingredients, you will need Some sort of surface to set them down on and a box for their cards. Optional: linens to dress up the surface & banners/signs to explain what the empty surface is for!



You can absolutely just rent an additional 8’ table and linen for your surface but I am really liking the trend of using a fun vintage truck bed or even a little trailer to lend a little style. I also highly recommend a gift card box that locks if you are having a wedding at a location that is open to the public. I further recommend having an attendant watching your gifts at all times.


Decide where your table has to “live” on your venue site. If it is a truck or trailer you can’t just put it anywhere. You may also consider moving your Project Block 2 {Welcome Table} closer to PB 3 instead of forcing PB3 to be next to PB2. That is the beauty of planning it all out. You can catch flow and efficiency issues this far ahead.


Ask an attendant to watch the table before the ceremony AND after! You never think wedding crashers will hit YOUR wedding, but the truth is they actually do exist. Especially if you’re getting married at a public place with non-guests wandering around and observing, have someone there to WATCH your gifts. I have heard the horror story too many times of “Hey what are you doing with the couple’s card box?” “Oh I’m taking it out to their car for them!” Said the stranger nobody knew but didn’t question his helpful response…. As he walked off with hundreds of dollars in gift cards and cash! Designate the person who will greet guests, accept gifts and then STAY there during the ceremony to keep an eye on them while everyone is watching YOU.


Groomsmen Job! Traditionally this is a great job for the groomsmen…. After the ceremony they {because they are such strapping young men} carry all of your gifts to a hotel room, vehicle trunk or secure area out of sight and not easily accessible to guests; one of those “behind the curtain” locations. You can then trust they are locked and safe the rest of the night. Ideally, you could make the person who is attending them be responsible for hauling them all to your house the next day or to wherever
you’re going to open them.


Professional Tip!
Instruct your Attendant at the ceremony to take as many pictures as he/she can of the gifts that have arrived. Why? You’ll have documentation of which card was taped to which gift or bag. Sometimes you’ll get gifts and have NO IDEA who they are from because the giver didn’t put a tag on each one. They will put one card on one of their three gifts and leave them sitting there together. In the pictures, your attendant takes you’ll notice clusters of same paper or what was stacked on what as well as what might be missing. For that guest who says they never got their thank you card you can ask, “Well what did it look like?” You can look through your pictures and maybe you sent the TY card to the wrong person! I like to have a visual record, and you might too… just a professional, person tidbit to consider.

See all those pretty packages in that picture? Let’s get you going on your very own Wedding Registry! 😉 

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