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A wedding welcome packet is a thoughtful and practical way to greet your out-of-town guests and provide them with helpful information about the wedding. In this packet, you can include items such as a welcome letter, itinerary, map, and local recommendations for food and activities. Here is everything you need to know about making your own Wedding Welcome Packets

A wedding welcome packet is a thoughtful and practical way to greet your out-of-town guests and provide them with helpful information about the wedding. In this packet, you can include items such as a welcome letter, itinerary, map, and local recommendations for food and activities.

Wedding Welcome Packets

  • Welcome Letter
  • Itinerary
  • Maps/Directions
  • Favors

The welcome letter should be personalized and warm, thanking your guests for traveling to celebrate your special day. It is also a good idea to include details about the wedding day, such as the dress code and any important times or locations.

The itinerary should outline the schedule for the weekend, including any pre-wedding events and the wedding ceremony and reception. This will help your guests plan their trip and ensure they don’t miss anything important.

Including a map of the area is also helpful, especially for guests who are unfamiliar with the location. You can highlight important landmarks, such as the wedding venue and nearby hotels, and also include recommendations for restaurants and other activities.

Overall, a wedding welcome packet is a thoughtful way to make your guests feel welcome and ensure they have all the information they need for a fun and stress-free weekend.

10 Ideas for Your Wedding Welcome Packets

If you’re planning a wedding, creating welcome packets for your guests is a great way to make them feel comfortable and excited about the big day. Here are ten ideas on what to include in your wedding welcome packets:

  1. A personalized welcome letter: Start by greeting your guests with a warm welcome letter. Include a note of thanks for their attendance, and let them know how much it means to you that they’re there to celebrate your special day.
  2. A detailed itinerary: Include a schedule of events for the wedding day and beyond. This can include information about the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception, and any other planned activities.
  3. Maps and directions: Make sure your guests have all the information they need to get to the wedding venue and other locations. Include maps, directions, and information about transportation options.
  4. Local recommendations: Provide recommendations for local restaurants, attractions, and activities. This is especially helpful for out-of-town guests who may want to explore the area during their stay.
  5. Gift bag goodies: Consider including small gifts or favors in your welcome packets, such as personalized water bottles, snacks, or local souvenirs.
  6. Emergency contact information: Include contact information for the wedding party or other designated emergency contacts in case your guests need assistance during their stay.
  7. Wedding party bios: Introduce your wedding party to your guests with short bios and photos. This can help your guests feel more connected to the people involved in your special day.
  8. Wedding traditions: If you’re incorporating any special traditions or customs into your wedding, include information about them in your welcome packet. This can help your guests understand the significance of the different elements of your ceremony.
  9. Wedding hashtags and social media information: Encourage your guests to share their photos and experiences on social media by including your wedding hashtag and social media handles in your welcome packet.
  10. Thank you note: End your welcome packet with a heartfelt thank you note to your guests for their attendance and support. Let them know how much you appreciate them being there to celebrate with you.

10 Oregon-Themed Items to include in your Wedding Welcome Packets

If you’re planning an Oregon-themed wedding, you might want to consider including some locally sourced items in your welcome packets. Here are ten suggestions to get you started:

  1. Oregon Pinot Noir – Oregon is known for its great wine, especially Pinot Noir. You can include a bottle or even a mini bottle in your welcome packets for guests to enjoy.
  2. Hazelnuts – Did you know that Oregon produces 99% of the hazelnuts in the United States? Including a bag of these tasty nuts in your welcome packets is a great way to represent the state’s agricultural heritage.
  3. Pendleton Blanket – Pendleton blankets are a staple of Oregon culture and make for a cozy and stylish addition to your welcome packets.
  4. Coffee – Oregonians love their coffee, so why not include a bag of locally roasted beans or some single-serve packets for your guests to enjoy during their stay?
  5. Craft Beer – With over 200 breweries in the state, Oregon is a beer lover’s paradise. Including a few bottles or cans of your favorite local brews is a great way to showcase the state’s craft brewing scene.
  6. Marionberry Jam – Marionberries are a type of blackberry that were first developed in Oregon. Including a jar of marionberry jam is a delicious way to give your guests a taste of the state’s famous fruit.
  7. Tillamook Cheese – Tillamook Cheese is a beloved Oregon institution and including a block or two of their cheddar or other varieties is a tasty way to show your guests some Pacific Northwest hospitality.
  8. Hiking Trail Map – Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country. Including a map of local hikes is a great way to encourage your guests to explore the great outdoors.
  9. Portland Roasted Chocolate – Portland is home to some amazing chocolatiers who roast their own beans. Including a few chocolate bars from one of these local companies is a sweet way to welcome your guests.
  10. Oregon Coast Postcard – Oregon’s coastline is one of the most stunning in the world. Including a postcard with a picture of the rugged coast is a great way to give your guests a glimpse of the natural beauty that surrounds them.

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